Los Angeles County Makes Your Life Easier!

Are You knew in the Greater Los Angeles County? Need to know basics of where to find fresh, where the nearest public or private schools are to you, or even churches. We are here to help! This is not a government issued site.


Los Angeles County Universal Hollywood

So Welcome to Los Angeles where there’s so much to see and so much to do and only 24 hour in a day like everywhere else in the world! A good place to start is family friendly theme park that’s world known. All kinds and elders will enjoy the twist and turns of what it would feel to be in their favorite movies. This doesn’t include the fun changes they make in October. Fun, laughter, fear, and wet clothes await!

For those of us with a little bit of a nerdy side and prefer the amazing look of art at it’s finest, there’s a museum with art all over the place. Los Angeles County Museum of Art is a good place to just have a nice walk in a learning environment. Nice place to take a breath and just open your mind to vibrant colors, shapes, and illusions. Los Angeles has it all!

Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Los Angeles County Fair

With seasons coming and going there are plenty of things to do from Spring to Winter. On Spring there’s a little gathering known as the Los Angeles County Fair where people come and enjoy animals, rides, and food that only comes once a year. This is the place where diets come to DIE!!! I dare you to stay away from the funnel cake.