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Architects in Los Angeles: “Ahead of Schedule and Under Budget”

While that’s not the expressed goal of every project our architects in Los Angeles strive for, it’s something that we’ve managed to achieve quite a few times: being “ahead of schedule and under budget.” What it means is that we were able to complete a project successfully in an even faster time frame than we had initially planned. On top of that, it means we were able to do so by spending less money than the budget had allocated. Those are just a few of the ways that our architecture design firm can help your project.

Architects in Los Angeles for All Kinds of Projects

architects in Los Angeles

If you go to our site, you’ll find that we’ve completed more than ten thousand projects successfully. That’s a large number, one that’s so large in fact; it can be difficult to truly wrap your mind around how many different projects that is. Those ten thousand projects have come in all different kinds of forms: healthcare facilities, higher-learning ones, laboratories and more. We take great pride in not just designing great projects, but great projects that help to improve peoples’ lives. Now, we can bring that same level of expertise and attention to detail to your project.

Any Step of the Project

When some people go to our site and read what we’ve done, they might think that we only design projects from the ground up, or from the very beginning. We can actually do so much more than that. For example, recently (as of this writing) were commissioned by the County of Los Angeles to help improve the Harbor UCLA Teaching Hospital. To be clear, we aren’t designing this hospital from scratch or anything, instead, we were commissioned to “design, plan, replace and consolidate” significant components of the hospital that have been outdated.

What our Projects can Do

Our goal is designing, planning, replacing and consolidating those outdated components of the hospital isn’t just to make them more aesthetically pleasing or something like that, it’s to make things better for patients and care providers. See, in this particular job, the hospital structures are spread out across multiple buildings. That can make navigation difficult for patients and care providers alike. With the high stakes associated with the healthcare industry, every second really does count. So, we’re focused on connecting all of the structures under one roof in a consolidated fashion. That will significantly lessen the amount of travel time for patients and staff, potentially saving lives and absolutely promoting positive health outcomes.

Your Project, Your Terms

We came up with these designs based in part on working closely with hospital officials. We can bring that same level of open communication to your project. One of the best parts of our job is sitting down with our clients (and prospective clients) to talk about ways in which we can make their projects that much better. To begin the process, simply give us a call at (310) 473-3555.

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