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Stanton DJ Pro 3000 comes at the top end but with a budget price. In the package, you’ll find full battery driven LEDs. You’ll also get a detachable cable that comes with a jack and a nice pouch. The general appearance of this headphone is similar to the others. But when you touch it, it offers a nice rounded feel. The battery-powered LEDs flash with the peaks of your music.

The Build Quality

This pair of headphones offers the best quality headphones. Although its construction is almost similar to the rest of the group, Stanton DJ Pro 3000 offers tighter tolerances. The smoother finish adds to the overall quality of the product. Although it may still break at the hinges, it doesn’t feel like it will. On the whole, this pair of headphones is good. It’s more than good enough. However, it may not be the best headphones for you if you’re looking for details. Apart from the LEDs, this pair of headphones offers a filter switch that turns on a low or a high pass filter.

The Importance Of DJ Headphones

Headphones are an important weapon in a DJ’s arsenal. Apart from choosing the right track for your audience, it’s also vital that you have an excellent pair of headphones that helps you play the right kind of music at the right time. You can find several choices of DJ headphones, in addition to Stanton’s DJ Pro 3000. When you’re looking for the best headphones for your every event, it’s vital that you choose a product that blocks other noise. Keep in mind that the DJ environment is noisy. A noise cancellation headphone isn’t what you must be looking for. Rather, the one that you want is a pair of headphones that can cover your ears, but it won’t block the sound from the booth monitors. With your ears covered, you won’t be needing an extreme volume. You’ll want a balanced range of sound that can help you discern the bass, middle and hog-range in your tracks.

The Stanton DJ Pro 3000 is loud enough to handle a noisy booth but flexible enough to be used in any event. This pair of headphones is built to last while the sound is fantastic. If you are a price conscious DJ, visit Best Deals DJ to know more about how you can purchase this product at a very low price.

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