Top Sales Books

Choosing Between the Top Sales Books

There are many sales books out there that will claim to have the one big secret to unlocking success in the sales world. Just one look at the lists of the top sales books and you will see the many different authors and gurus insisting that they can give you the right tools to set you on the true path. But how do you choose? How do you pick which one of the best-selling sales books will be the best for you? Consider the following standards:

Who Wrote It?

Top Sales Books

If the author of one of the most popular sales books is intending to teach you about sales, you better make sure that they know what they are talking about. Checking this out is as easy as doing your own research on the author. What else have they written? What’s their background? What have they worked in? Who have they worked with? You’ll be surprised to see just how some of the authors will immediately jump out among the others. Trust your instincts when it comes to who you will follow into their book. After all, you want to get your information from the very best at it. As long as you find the author with the right experience behind them, you should find reading the book a fulfilling experience.

What Do the Reviews Say?

Following your gut is always a good way to pick your next read, but reading the reviews can be a decent guide on what books to check out and which ones to avoid. This can help you gauge the general reaction to the books you are considering reading. If there are a few negative ones amidst almost entirely positive praise then you probably have a winner in your hands. However, if most people seem lukewarm towards the book, then you will probably not get anything out of it. It’s important to know that people aren’t just enjoying the book, but that they are actually learning from it, gaining new insights and being able to implement the knowledge.

What Level Does it Address?

It is important to know what level you are at and what level the book is aiming at. If you are just starting out in the sales business, some sales books for experts are not going to do much for you. The same goes the other way around. Be sure to know who exactly is the target audience for the book you are considering. Is it meant for sales professionals to hone their skills in order to expand? Is it targeted at those just getting started in the world of marketing? Either way, be sure to be aware of your own level of expertise and the one that the book is going to address.

Top Sales Books

While it might definitely seem superfluous to strictly veto your own book-purchasing process, but it will ultimately pay off. Reading a book is not exactly a money investment. It’s a time investment. You don’t want to waste your time on a book that won’t give you the information you are really looking for. Our recommendation? The Sales Whisperer Way is an outstanding book that has been causing ripples in the sales world. Penned by Wes Schaeffer, the renowned Sales Whisperer, the book has all the insights and information that you could possibly need.

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