Sonny Arguinzoni testimony pages

Discover New Hope When You Read Sonny Arguinzoni Testimony Pages

Where do you go to find hope in a world which is full of strife and anxiety? In the past, you may have turned to drugs or criminal activity to feel as though there was some small ray of light in your life. Whether you feel stronger as a gang member, or just want to escape life with drugs or alcohol, you know that these circumstances don’t really offer hope, and instead just prolong your agony. Many people have walked the same path, and if you are looking for inspiration then the Sonny Arguinzoni testimony pages could be the best place to start.

A Dark Beginning

Sonny Arguinzoni testimony pages

When you read the testimony on those pages, you will discover that Sonny led an early life which was very similar to that of current members of his mission. Addicted to hard drugs at a young age, he found himself heavily involved in gang activity, criminal endeavor such as burglary and car theft, and eventually he faced arrest and jail time. With such a beginning, how could a young man turn his life around and begin anew? The answer lies in the rediscovery of faith, and a rebirth of hope.

An End To Suffering

Those testimony pages will tell you how Sonny escaped from his life of addiction and crime through the rediscovery of God. Just as with every other change in life, it did not happen overnight but learning the word of God and applying it to his own life gradually brought Sonny to a new place. It helped him to escape his dependency on drugs, and gave him a new future to look forward to. And unlike many who turn their backs on their past once they have escaped, Sonny used his own experience to reach out to those most in need, prostitutes, criminals and addicts, founding a church so that they could find a place of hope even in their darkest hours.

Rediscover Hope With Victory Outreach

The small church that Sonny started with has now flourished into an international mission, with members all over the world. If you are interested in what you have read on the Sonny Arguinzoni testimony pages, and want to know more, then you should speak to the Victory Outreach team today. We can be reached through our contact page, or contacted directly by calling (909) 599-4437 now.

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