Los Angeles County History

The written history of Los Angeles city and county begins with a small Mexican town that changed little in the three decades after 1848, when California became part of the United States. Much greater changes were to come from the completion of the Santa Fe railroad line from Chicago to Los Angeles in 1885. Immigrants flooded in, especially white Protestants from the Midwest. LA had a strong economic base in farming, oil, tourism, real estate and movies. It grew rapidly with only a small downtown and many suburban areas inside and outside the city limits. Hollywood made the city world famous, and World War II brought new industry, especially high-tech aircraft construction. Politically the city was moderately conservative, with a weak labor union sector. Since the 1960s growth has slowed—and massive traffic delays have become famous, despite the hundreds of miles of supposedly high speed freeways. New ethnic groups, especially from Mexico and Asia, have transformed the demographic base since the 1960s. Read more on Wikipida.

Old Time Los Angeles County Beach