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Los Angeles Therapist Explains Grief Counseling

When it comes to losing a loved one it can be a life changing experience with many struggles for the person grieving. Some people choose to travel that path along while others seek out help. However, some people may not understand what grief counseling is or how it can help a person who is dealing with a loss. Greig counselors work with and empathize with a person who is dealing with loss and pain. While grief counseling can help a person to move on from their loss and begin to live life again, its best to go over what it isn’t.

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What Grief Counseling Is Not:

Grief counseling can be an incredibly effective means of helping a person cope with the many stages of grief that they will deal with after a loss. However, its best to know that it won’t solve every single problem a person has. It won’t allow you to forget the person who has passed. It won’t be a means of bypassing the hurt of the loss you are experiencing. It won’t change the very core of who you are as a person. It also won’t erase how difficult moving on from that person will be but it will allow you to cope better with moving forward.

What Is Grief Counseling?

Grief counseling is a type of therapy that works to help those who have experienced a loss in their life. Counselors who work in their realm of therapy learns about the stages of grief and which techniques best help a person accomplish traveling through those stages. This counseling can be done in groups, individually or with your family and has several goals to meet.

Grief Counseling Goals

Accepting the Loss and the New Reality.

Grief doesn’t affect every single person in the same way. Some people feel nothing or numbness after a loss. Others may move on with their lives as if everything is still the same without accepting the reality of what has happened. Even those who are very emotional about the loss might feel a disconnection from the real reason behind it. The first goal in this counseling it to accept that you have suffered a large loss in your life.

Identifying Trauma and And Dealing With iIt

Before you are fulling able to process your grief you counselor is going to help you identify any trauma of this experience. This could include things like witnessing the death, experiencing the loss or seeing the body of your loved one. Once you have identified those factors you can discuss and dissect them and your counselor can help you get past them.

Talking Openly and Overcome Guilt

If you don’t have anyone that you can talk to about this death then you should speak with a counselor. Someone who is dealing with a loss should be able to express their emotions and ideas to a person that they can be vulnerable to. If you don’t have someone in your life a counselor can be the ear and guidance that you need. They will listen without judgement and allow you to overcome any guilt that may have been building up over the loss of still being alive while your loved one is no longer here.

If you think that you could benefit from grief counseling you can reach out to Dr. Yvonne Thomas. She has over 20 years of experience with counseling. If you would like to schedule an appointment you can do so online or by calling (310) 359-9450.

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