Polyester Roofing Fabric

Polyester Roofing Fabric – The Better Choice in Roof Restoration

Polyester roofing fabric might not be a popular option in the past. After contractors have unveiled its many advantages over other roof restoration materials, it has now become a preferred material. 

Why Choose Polyester Roofing Fabric

One reason is that it’s superior to conventional felts when it comes to tensile strength and elongation. It’s also better than felts in puncture resistance and tear strength. 

It’s also an ideal reinforcement option for acrylic emulsion, cold-applied water-based asphalt, and mastics. 

The polyester reinforcing fabric offered at Pacific Upholstery Supply is stitch-bonded. Hence, its durability and quality are guaranteed to be used in many roof restoration systems. 

The fabric is also applicable in base flashing details and roof split repair. 

Furthermore, construction companies are using it as a reinforcement for cement, asphalt coatings, and white elastomeric coatings, among others. 

The fabric offers high-strength properties with better elongation. 

Another benefit is that this roofing fabric is easier to handle because it doesn’t ridge or wrinkle. 

Roofing Fabrics at Pacific Upholstery Supply 

When choosing a high-performing commercial roofing material, consider the lifespan, the overall cost, and ease of maintenance. 

Polyester roofing fabric isn’t the only option when it comes to roof restoration. PVC roofing is another option. However, compared to roofing fabric, PVC is more expensive. 

But both materials are resistant to impact damage and cracking. 

That’s why many contractors nowadays are opting for roofing fabric because it doesn’t just guarantee a longer lifespan but it’s also low maintenance. 

Another option is metal. Then again, it’s the most expensive roofing option. 

Compared to roofing fabric, the two products have almost the same long lifespan. With proper maintenance, polyester roofing fabric can last for a decade or so. 

Both materials are durable and are also immune to cracks. 

Because of its durability and low cost, many contractors now are choosing polyester roofing fabric. It’s inexpensive and it can last for 10 years or so. It has the same energy-saving properties as metal and PVC. 

Moreover, it requires less maintenance, making it an ideal choice for homeowners or building owners who wish to lower the cost of maintaining their property. 

However, just because a roofing fabric is an ideal option it doesn’t mean that you can buy it from any company that sells it. 

Keep in mind that the quality of polyester roofing fabric will depend on who manufactures it. 

To ensure that you get a high-quality polyester roofing fabric that can last for more than a decade, choose Pacific Upholstery Supply. 

The company has been providing construction companies and manufacturing businesses the polyester roofing fabrics that they need for decades. 

They supply several materials to weather-proof roofs or repair existing ones and deliver them across the US and Mexico. 

The company takes pride in the strength and durability of its products. That’s why they’re the go-to company when it comes to roofing materials. 

Find Out More About Roofing Options

If you wish to know more about the durability of polyester roofing fabric, please message Pacific Upholstery Supply or give them a call at (323) 321-2222

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