psychotherapist in Los Angeles

Psychotherapist in Los Angeles to Help Save Marriage After Infidelity

There are various reasons many couples are seeking the help of a psychotherapist in Los Angeles. One of these reasons involved infidelity, especially in some professional couples. 

psychotherapist in Los Angeles

Most couples end up in divorce. However, others would want to repair their relationship by seeking a psychotherapist. 

Psychotherapist in Los Angeles to Save Marriage

Infidelity can be defined in various ways depending on the person’s point of view. Some couples perceive it as sex outside the relationship. 

However, they failed to realize that emotional affairs can also be considered as cheating. These affairs can even do more harm than having a physical affair. 

But what is an emotional affair? It means that your partner is no longer interested in the relationship. 

There are many reasons for adultery and these will be discussed when you have your counseling with Yvonne Thomas. It is important to identify those reasons to help fix the issue. 

Couples seeking marriage therapy want to save their marriage because of their kids. But this is somehow wrong. 

Couples must seek therapy to ignite their interests for each other again. It will be useless to stay within the marriage if you no longer love each other. You and your partner will be miserable. 

People who are cheated on should also get counseling before they engaged in high-risk behaviors, like having unprotected sex or increased drug use. 

If you or your partner had an affair, you will need to undergo counseling with a licensed psychotherapist. By choosing to undergo such therapy, you can rebuild your relationship even after an affair. 

An Affair Can Affect the Partner 

Indeed, if you were cheated on, it would cause a great impact on your life. But your partner who cheats on you will also suffer. Your partner who is having an affair may feel depressed or anxious. 

People who are in an affair will always feel guilty and helpless. They feel trapped in the situation. They think that there is nothing to do to end the affair.

Who is Likely to Cheat 

Men and women cheat on their partners. However, men are more likely to engage in an affair than women. 

If you live in a big city, it also increases your chances of committing adultery. And if you are still young, there is likely that you cheat on your partner or the other way around. 

When you and your partner decide to have a session with Yvonne Thomas, Phd., you can discuss the issues that led to the affair. It could be that your partner has lost self-esteem. Your partner may also be addicted to sex or depressed. 

There could be plenty of reasons a person will commit adultery. And these reasons must be addressed before you can fix your marriage and stop repeated affairs. 

Couples should look at each other’s role in the relationship. To fix the relationship, it is vital that couples must be honest with their feelings of guilt, shame and hurt. 

To start your couples therapy session with Yvonne Thomas, PhD., a psychotherapist in Los Angeles, please contact (310) 359-9450. 

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