Switching to Solar Power in Los Angeles, CA

Switching to Solar Power in Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles is one of the biggest cities in the US. With that in mind, a lot of people need electricity. The good thing is that it’s situated in a sunny part of Southern California making it easier for residents to adopt solar energy as their renewable energy.

With the incredible incentives and rebates, residents are indeed in their perfect shape to utilize solar power.

ROI for switching to residential solar power

When you switch to solar power in Los Angeles, CA, the incentives can play a significant role. In an average house with a 5KW system, homeowners could pay around $20,000 before rebates and tax breaks.

After you’ve applied incentives by switching to solar power, homeowners in LA could expect to pay around $11,000, which is half the original quote.

Of course, every house and location are different. If you want to know exactly what would be the savings you could obtain, you should talk to a local solar power installer at Hoffer Electric. Dale Hoffer, the founder, could give you an exact detail and customize your quote, specifically for your situation.

Installation Process

If you’ve decided to have a solar power system in your house, schedule a home visit so Hoffer Electric can provide you with a more accurate set of details. A home visit can help the company’s team to draft an actual quote about the entire cost of the system and the savings you can have.

The installation of solar panels system in your house is simple. All it takes is to give the company your exact location, electric utility and how shady your roof is. Other details may also be needed, but these pieces of information are the primary things that the electricians need to prepare your solar panel system.

Switching to Solar Power in Los Angeles, CA

Incentives, Rebates, and Tax Breaks

Los Angeles residents can enjoy a lot of tax breaks, rebates, and incentives by just installing a solar power system.

You can benefit from the solar rebate program of Los Angeles. In the state of California, the rebate program for solar energy varies by district and city.

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