Alcohol Detox

Undergoing Alcohol Detox

It is not recommended for you to undertake alcohol detox on your own. This is a severe process and could be life-threatening. Your best bet is to get checked in to a center like Iris Healing Retreat where the staff can take care of you with the best in therapy, pharmacology and kindness.

During alcohol detox, the poisonous toxins are flushed from your body. This does not happen immediately. It could take from one to three weeks to find yourself entirely clear.

Once you depend on a substance, withdrawal symptoms occur while you no longer use it. Different drugs will cause various withdrawal symptoms on personal timelines. Depending on the interaction with the brain and bodily functions, drugs remain active in the body for differing amounts of time. This is often referred to as the drug’s ‘half-life,’ which varies with each substance that was used.

Alcohol Detox

An environment free of triggers

Iris Healing Retreat helps users abstain from drug use by creating an environment that is free of the triggers that lead to drug abuse. Our highly trained staff can help you or your loved one go through the withdrawal phase by providing around-the-clock medical assistance.

It is important to realize that alcohol detox and just quit drinking are not the same. They may appear similar at first, but detox is far more severe once the body understands that it is not going to get ‘the kick’ that it requires. Symptoms could be highly unpredictable, and this is one of the main reasons that trained medical professionals are in attendance.

It is essential that after detox, a resident at a therapy center follow a program. At Iris Healing Retreat, you will perform many different activities that will help you recover from that addiction, including following a 12-step program that is commonly used by AA and NA.

Effective, compassionate treatments

There are effective, compassionate treatments for those experiencing addiction. But no single treatment is useful for everyone. So at Iris Healing Retreat’s residential treatment centers we provide a wide variety of therapies that can be used either separately or in combination. Here are four of many different counseling techniques that may be employed during recovery:

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

This therapy aims to change an individual’s thinking and thus, change his or her emotions and behaviors. Similarly, if the individual has learned unwanted ways of thinking, this therapy helps to unlearn them.

Motivational Interviewing

This technique addresses ambivalence toward change through conversation. It’s designed to help people put their desire for change into words. Then, it allows patients to act on in consequence; plan for changes, start to make them and note the importance and benefits of even small advances.

Twelve-Step Programs

Twelve steps programs were developed by AA around 80 years ago as a set of tools for recovery and living. They rely on a group of spiritual principles and the belief that when people share their experiences with others, they can find mutual support in their recovery.

Iris Healing Retreat is a holistic rehabilitation center where empathy and spirituality lead to recovery through the healing of body, mind, and spirit. It is located about an hour drive away from Los Angeles. Call (844) 663-4747 to find out more about how they can help you and your loved ones on the road to recovery.

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