Correct Diagnosis Important in Gummy Smile Case

Why is Correct Diagnosis Important in Gummy Smile Case?

These days, a gummy smile can be rectified through different treatment options depending on your case. Sometimes, patients with a gingival display may not necessarily have a gummy smile. That’s why it’s essential that you obtain accurate diagnosis to ensure the most efficient gummy smile treatment.

For every dental cosmetic case, proper diagnosis is integral. Sometimes, gummy smile problem isn’t about a tooth problem, but it’s a periodontal issue that needs to be approached with a periodontal treatment plan.

When diagnosing a gummy smile, your dentist will make a thorough assessment of your case. Your dentist will measure the gingival tissue exposure. Apart from the tissue, your dentist will also measure your teeth’s length.

Then, your dentist will make a periodontal problem with a 3-mm marking. Its goal is to determine the location of the osseous crest.

But dentists diagnose their patients with gummy smile utilize different methods to arrive at a proper diagnosis.

Several variables would come into play. Thus, it’s vital that your gummy smile is diagnosed and treated by a specialist before treatment is prescribed. If your case shows too much gum tissue as a result of your upper lip that’s too short, the treatment option is to address your lips and not your teeth.

Now, if the problem is with your teeth and jaws, the correct treatment is to change the gum position and lip. Gummy smile specialists, like Dr. Alex Farnoosh, are experts in examining and evaluating your lips, jaws, gums, and teeth. They know how to create an attractive smile and resolve gummy smile.

Gums aren’t the only cause.

As mentioned earlier, your teeth can also be a cause of having a gummy smile. Having small teeth can give you an appearance of displaying too much gum in the smile.

Another reason is that you have a short upper lip that exposes too much gum tissue.

Correct Diagnosis Important in Gummy Smile Case

For these reasons, it’s vital that you only consult with an experience gummy smile dentist, like Dr. Farnoosh. Once the reasons for your gummy smile is established, you can have an idea of how it will be resolved.

At Dr. Faroosh’s clinic, he has performed hundreds to thousands of gummy smile procedures every year. Standard options include surgical sculpting of the bone and gum tissue, thereby, creating a healthy, attractive smile.

For minor cases, patients can undergo a single-day laser therapy.

Visit Dr. Faroosh’s clinic today or call him up to know your options for your gummy smile. Better yet, schedule an appointment with him to know whether or not you have a gummy smile, or it could be something else.

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