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Why People Are Choosing Family Mediation Training Online Courses

Every day across the US, families are breaking down, sometimes in ways which can damage the family for the rest of their lives. The failure of the family relationship can cause financial damage, lead to years-long court battles, and may even mean that the children of the family are removed from the home. Managing all of this conflict, most of which is extremely emotional and may involve anger, hostility and people struggling to come to decisions which might resolve the conflict. Sometimes, the source of the conflict may be the children themselves, with problems including youth misbehavior, delinquency and some measure of substance abuse. In order to work with the family and help them to discover some resolution and relieve the emotional stress of the situation, you can receive some family mediation training online, such as that offered by Edwards Mediation Academy. There are several reasons why this choice is being made by a growing number of mediators.

family mediation training

The Need For Family Mediation

One of the most common reasons for training as a family mediator is an understanding that there is an urgent requirement for this type of conflict resolution. For example, more than one million teens end up going through juvenile court in a single year, with over 150,000 referred to placements including “detention centers, residential treatment centers, correctional institutions and group homes” according to a 2011 report by the American Psychological Association. Similarly, nearly 40% of adults suffer conflict with siblings over the care of a parent or senior relative. This means that there is lots of scope for conflict resolution, and a big need for help. If you have seen these cases from the other side of family court, you may feel inspired to help by becoming a family mediator.

Working With Young Adults

The teenage years are some of the most difficult and complex of a person’s life, and it is no surprise that a significant proportion of them suffer a conflict with adults. Evaluations of the success of parent-child mediation has shown that, while hindered by lack of public resources, mediation is extremely successful, with many parents reporting that they are happy with the program, and the ability to resolve conflict. Teaching young adults to build communication and develop the skills to resolve future conflicts themselves can not only help the family, but can benefit the community as a whole. Short, 6-week family mediation services may be useful in improving the behavior of children and the response of adult parents or guardians: “Families who participated in parent child mediation showed modest improvements in family functioning and child problem behaviors in a 6-week period, according to an article published in 2017.

Taking Care Of Elders

Another area where family mediation may provide assistance to adults is through elder care mediation. In many cases, the problem lies in conflicts between a caretaker and other members of the family, as noted above. Adults who have spent most of their grown-up life away from each other “often have lived apart for decades and have little experience working together”. However, experiences during childhood may still be fresh, leading to rivalries. The point of mediation here is to provide a grown-up resolution to conflicts which began during childhood. This is where the skills of a mediator are so important.

Rewards Are High

Once you understand the type of conflict that are treated through family mediation, it might become clear why some people choose this path for their career. Not only is the opportunity to treat conflicts that are emotionally challenging very tempting to those who are interested in mediation, but the rewards for success are very high. Having the trust of generations of a family on your shoulders, and then achieving a good outcome is extremely satisfying. To work with people who are hostile and angry, and then bring them into a positive resolution can lead you to go home with a smile on your face, and a feeling that things can only get better from now on.

Finding The Right Family Mediation Training Online

When you are training to be a family mediator, you don’t necessarily want to leave your job before you have finished your training. This is where a family mediation training online course can give you the best options. You can work on your own time, and take as long as you like to complete each part of the course. This means working outside of office hours, or at the weekend, and not having to push yourself to finish in order to get a job and start earning money. Discover how you can get the most out of your mediation training courses by working with the experts at Edwards Mediation Academy by calling them at (877) 927-1362 and talking to their team about your needs today.

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