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Frequently Asked Questions about Piano Lessons

Piano lessons can help your children in school. Kids who play piano would score higher in math. Apart from that, piano lessons can raise their self-confidence. There are so many benefits of learning the piano.

In this post, let’s talk about the most frequently asked questions from students about piano lessons.

Will my teacher drop me if I make several mistakes?

Piano teachers are inspired to teach people who try their best in learning how to play the piano. They want to witness your mistakes so they will know how to fix the problem. It is very rare to find a piano teacher to drop his/her students because they make a lot of mistakes.

Good piano teachers do encourage their students to acknowledge their mistakes so they won’t get distracted when playing music.

Do I need to study classical music first before learning to play jazz or pop music?

There is no need for you to study classical music first if your ultimate goal is to play a pop or jazz music. In fact, some piano teachers believe that the best way to study music is through traditional music. The reason for this is that chords are presented in a very straightforward manner.

However, playing classical music first may help in honing your piano skills. Mastering classical music will make it easier to learn music theory. But it will still depend on your ability.

Can adults still learn piano?

It’s true that the child’s brain is more receptive than adults. But there’s no difference when it comes to learning how to play the piano. Both adults and children can attend piano lessons whenever they like.

The belief that adults learn slower than kids is incorrect. But it can be true if adults are distracted. The distraction can be the result of stress, impatience and self-judgment.

But it’s never too late to learn piano. Adults must just learn to embrace their ability with appreciation. From there, they would improve.

Is important to study finger technique first before you play actual music?

The short answer is no. The best way to study piano is to learn the music along with finger technique.

Frequently Asked Questions about Piano Lessons

Should I practice every day?

It might help but take two days of not practicing would still assist you in progressing. Just think about piano lessons as body building. People who work out require a rest day because workout can tear down muscle tissue. Having a day off can help in rejuvenating their muscles so they’ll be stronger than ever.

It’s also similar to learning the piano. The rest periods will allow your brain to assimilate your effort.

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