Keep Your Trees Healthy

How to Keep Your Trees Healthy

Trees are valuable in your garden. When they mature, they become a gorgeous specimen that offers shade all year-round. Thus, it’s vital that you keep them in excellent health.

Because trees don’t need much help from homeowners, you tend to take them for granted. Unfortunately, intense weather events can take a toll on their health. To ensure that your trees are healthy and will survive harsh weather, please keep these things in mind.

Leave them alone

As mentioned earlier, trees can grow without much help from us. But there are some things that you can do to ensure that your trees are in their healthier forms. By leaving them alone, you can avoid harming them without you knowing it.

Consider the root system

One of the biggest killers of mature trees is construction at home. Even if the development takes place away from the tree, the root system can extend three times farther from those branches. Heavy equipment can compact the soil, thereby, causing damage to the tree’s roots. In a few months, your trees will die slowly over a few years.

So, if there’s construction in your house, ensure that the contractor’s heavy equipment won’t go to where it can touch your tree’s root system. During construction, mark off those areas around the trees so the people working won’t go there.

Mow carefully

If you’re mowing or whacking your garden, make sure that you don’t nick the tree’s bark as it can weaken the plant. When it’s nicked, it becomes an ideal point where disease can go in.

Mulch it

It’s vital that you mulch around the base of those trees. The mulch must start two inches from the tree’s trunk. It can extend as far as its drip line. Or it can be three feet away from the trunk’s base. Doing it this way can protect your trees from your lawn equipment and suppress weeds while keeping moisture.

Never overwater

A mature tree doesn’t need assistance when it comes to its food and water. Trees do benefit from watering for fertilizing. But large trees can be harmed by the use of fertilizer. Too much water can also damage the tree.

Keep Your Trees Healthy

Storm-proof it

The tree is in great danger during a storm. It can meet a threat from the fury of the win. Thus, it’s vital that you remove a tree that endangers your life and your property during or after a storm.

That’s where Your Way Tree Service comes in. We’re here to help your trees flourish and keep them healthy. Contact us today for an estimate.

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