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Build on a strong Christian foundation, St Paul’s First Lutheran School is among the best ranked schools in the area. The school which runs from kindergarten all the way to eighth grade is the best option for parents to take their kids if they want them to get the best solid foundation in academics. It has very clear principles that are adhered to the both the management and expect the parents to follow them in order to bring the best out of their children. It is located in a suburban neighborhood that is conducive to facilitate a smooth running of all activities under the school’s programs. It has a serene environment that every child and parent feels proud being associated with.  Modern buildings and facilities that aid learning and co-curriculum are all in place.elementary School

Quality Education

In order to provide top notch quality education, all the teaching staff and non-teaching staff members undergo proper scrutiny to ensure that they are the right class that should be allowed to handle your child. They are qualified with diplomas from accredited institutions of higher learning and have a clean record of performance. To mold children who have talents far from class, the school has invested heavily in performing arts and proper training grounds with good coaches so that they kick start their career in fine form. New parents and pupils undergo a seamless transition and within a very short period of time, they are usually accustomed to the system. There are also new parents programs where they meet with the school principal and respective class teachers who discuss on the child’s progress and better ways for further improvement. Admission are open to all people without discrimination provided they understand the core values which the school is based on and agree to abide by them.

elementary-schoolChristian Values

For further information and inquiries, one can contact the school via call or by paying a visit which is recommended if possible. Taking care of the necessary finances is made easy through well structured payment plan that will not subject the parent to any financial constraints. There are voluntary programs for those willing to sharpen their skills in the institution. To help kids from disadvantaged backgrounds, there is a donation kit where well wishers can place any amount they have to such programs. However little the amount might seem, it will go a far way in shedding some light to the future of a young soul.

Call today to speak with one of our qualified educators to see is St. Paul’s is right for your child (818) 761-1846

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